When people ask me what industry I am in, the easiest answer is “finance.”   But I’ve come to realize that wealth management is a side product of my true job: building relationships.  Each time I work with a client, I am reminded of how the only way to create a relevant, personalized, and performing portfolio is to understand the client – understand their goals, their concerns, and their expectations.  Without taking these unique considerations into account, your financial plan is not going to be useful to you.  As much as I enjoy the nuts and bolts of investing and creating portfolios, it is the “getting to know and understand you” part of this business that I enjoy the most.

Let’s be honest – finances are stressful.  They are complicated.  The financial sector is a multi-billion dollar industry with plenty of intricacies.  However, your focus is your business and your family, not navigating financial details.  As a husband, father, and business owner, I understand how financial decisions become more complex as your time becomes more limited.  I also understand the stress these competing interests can put on you and the important relationships in your life.  You know it’s a good idea to utilize a professional to help with the financial aspect of your life, but between brokers, wealth management firms, robo-advisors, etc., how do you choose?  Make it easy on yourself - choose the firm that understands you best.  That may seem like a strange way to approach retirement and wealth succession, but the truth is your money won’t work for you unless it is designed to work for you.  A well-rounded portfolio isn’t just about having the highest ROI, it’s about having the ROI that works best for your life and goals.