Our philosophy is built on four pillars: Transparency, Knowledge, Confidence, and Commitment. We work with each client to define their goals, concerns and expectations as well as to create an individualized risk profile based on an individual or organization’s ability and willingness to take risk.  We believe that each client relationship starts with a conversation, where we learn about each other.  If we are to create the type of trust that goes with being your life-long financial partner, we need to listen to where you want to go.  Once we understand what you want, we can begin our partnership. 


Family Office

Stratus is formed as a family office, which means that we have the capacity to manage more than just the investable assets of our clients.  Working with a holistic family office such as Stratus can help our clients devise a financial plan, asset allocation strategy, gifting strategy and estate/succession planning strategy to help manage their wealth for this and future generations.  Our commitment to our clients is to be a part of their team as they work toward their goals.